Start Your Own Model Train Club

First, you have to get together a group of people who are really interested in the project of forming a model railroad club, and who are willing to donate some time – at least 2-3 hours once a week. They don’t all have to be master model railroaders but at least one person needs to know the basics, and hopefully the rest should be willing and somewhat excited about learning some new skills. You’ll have to talk to friends, neighbors, parents of your kids’ friends, PTA members, church-goers, friends at work – basically anyone who will listen. You should start with a core group of at least 4 people, if possible, to get started.

You need at least one person in your model railroad club who knows how to do some basic carpentry and one person who can solder and who knows about wiring and electrical work. Scenery is not as critical as the track work, bench work and wiring – at least not at first.

The people in the club have to be able to get along with each other. Every member needs to have the same goal and be willing and able to work together. Everyone should be willing to learn from each other, and no one should be chastised for making mistakes – it’s part of the learning and building process.

It’s also helpful to establish certain officers to help organize the work. There may be certain members of the club who are interested in different facets of the hobby. These could be called foremen who head up different departments such as scenery, track, bridges, electrical work, signals, benchwork, etc.

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